Silicon Motion offers a broad portfolio of cost-effective and high-performance flash card controllers, including CompactFlash and Secure Digital. OEMs using our controllers are able to achieve very high levels of compatibility with host devices and thereby minimize go-to-market risk.

Silicon Motion flash card controllers are designed to support the vast majority of flash components, including 3D TLC and QLC NAND flash memory components from all NAND vendors. This comprehensive flash support provides OEMs with significant flexibility in using the flash of their choice. Additionally, because the firmware in our controllers is upgradeable, OEMs can rapidly bring new products to market using their latest choice of flash without having to change hardware.


  • High performance flash memory controller with 1CH/2-CH/4-CH flash interface
  • Support In-System-Programming capability, which resolves compatibility issues without chip replacement
  • Flexible flash memory configuration
  • 8bit flash interface
  • Enhanced ESD design
  • Advanced ECC engine
  • Voltage detection circuitry

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